Marvel Marvel
Art Director, Designer

Design and branding the release of the classic Marvel cartoons on DVD. Inlays were based on classic comic covers, with the 'Marvel Box' appearing in the top left corner across all titles. Original typeface were sourced, logos re-drawn and official Marvel artists commissioned to produce the illustrations.

When the first agency lost the rights to the franchise I successfully pitched to the new owners, Clear Vision, and continued where I left off. This time employing the official illustrators directly (it was like trying to round up cats).

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Disney Disney Channel
Designer, Copywriter, Director

High end advertising across a broad range of media for shows including Hannah Montana, High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls. Using raw photography and artwork created in America to produce assets, often involving high-end retouching to create the perfect Disney image.

I also wrote and directed the Christmas TV adverts for The Chronicles Of Narnia and Chicken Little.

Hannah Montana, wonder whatever happened to her?
Stick Tennis Stick Tennis
Illustrator, Animator

Follow up to the hugely successful Stick Cricket. With over 70 million downloads, Stick Tennis was devastating for global productivity but a very fun and addictive game. And 70 million isn't a bad number to have in your portfolio.

Other mobile games include Stick Soccer, Golf Valley, Stick Cricket SPL, Robot Cricket and Freak Factory.

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Postman Pat Postman Pat
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

Creating original artwork for the new Postman Pat DVDs and adverts for Entertainment Rights. Models were photographed separately, retouched and composited in Photoshop.

This lead on to loads more children's DVD titles including Trumpton, Tracy Beaker, Transformers and Rupert Bear. Which in turn lead to producing DVD artwork for drama, documentaries and sport.

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Freak Factory Freak Factory
Designer, UI Designer, Illustrator

I happened to be standing next to developer Richard Lord demonstrating his new indie game 'Bubble Pack' to some colleagues in a pub. The gameplay looked great but the graphics were basic.

So I independently redesigned the game as an industrial space where you create freaks, with the UI built in. I emailed the concept work over to Richard and after a quick meeting I was in!

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Freak Factory Wall's Sausages
Concept, Art Director, Design & Production

A mini-site was needed to complement the TV ad campaign; Grizzler the dog can't say 'sausages' but can say 'Wall's'. So I found an old piece of cardboard outside the office, scanned it it and produced a website as if it was written and created by the dog.

Other websites and mini-sites include Homepride Flour, Virgin Cameras, Richmond Sausages and Disney's The Replacements.